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Pay what you can | Keep learning and keep us all healthy

Please pay what you can to keep people learning while they prevent COVID-19 from spreading


Hi all,

Two nights ago I got an email from my university asking me to urgently prepare a contingency plan to deliver the rest of the semester remotely.

I have 150 students and I wasn’t feeling very well myself so I had a moment or two of panic. But a day later I had a plan in place and I was able to start them all on a 5-day deep-dive video-based journey into how to pitch their venture ideas so they can get the right feedback, e.g. I sent them this module that uses this framework and has them hearing from experts in the field and leveling up on their own new venture storytelling.

Then my partner Mike and I got to chatting about how our stuff might be able to help others in the same situation. It might only be a small part of the complex issues students and instructors are dealing with right now but we thought it would help if they could do what I was able to do, especially so quickly.

So until June 1 2020 we’re offering our whole Idea Maker Course completely for free to students and their teachers impacted by COVID-19.


Can you help us do that?

Many campuses are starting to go remote for COVID-19 prevention and it’s really hard to shift modes quickly and still deliver a really meaningful experience.

We’ve spent years building the tools, processes, and courses we wish we’d had when we started leading innovation in companies and becoming entrepreneurs ourselves. And doing so in a straight up way so people can benefit from them right now, embedded wherever they are, to accelerate something important to them or their organization – and to boost innovation in their regions.

We’ll use funds you provide here to help keep the lights on for instructors and their students, and to help support them as they make it happen. (And should there be anything left over, it will go toward improving the course for the future and making it accessible to those who can’t normally afford to access it.) And we’ll keep you updated by email.

Thank you for considering it.

Alex Bruton
Co-founder, Straight Up Business Institute



Our regular price of the full Idea Maker course experience is $135.